13 December 1996

Lamb guidance is free

KEEPING Lambs Alive is the aim and the title of a new booklet from the MLC.

Written by David Henderson of The Moredun Foundation, it is the latest free booklet in the MLCs Sheep Management Matters series.

It provides guidance on increasing lambing percentages through improved animal welfare, as well as on boosting flock profits.

The importance of pre-lambing preparation is stressed in terms of encouraging producers to vaccinate against abortions – currently responsible for 44.6% and 31.1% of lamb deaths in lowland and hill flocks, respectively.

The booklet emphasises the importance of feeding ewes correctly throughout pregnancy and contains a comprehensive table to help identify the right condition score.

Areas such as shelter, lambing pens and footrot are covered, as well as a list of recommended materials which should be to hand at lambing time.

Veterinary topics such as attending to navels, feeding colostrum, assisting at lambing and dealing with hypothermia are also described in detail.

The booklet is available from MLC (01908-677577).n