21 July 1995

Lamb is on up after long fall

LAMB prices have nudged upwards, after a prolonged period of continuously falling.

The MLC put the standard quality quotation (SQQ) in the week to Monday (July 17) at 90.93p/kg, up 3.97p on the week.

Auctioneers report a brisk demand for lighter lambs, as export movement – both live and in carcass form – assists the trade.

At Stamford, auctioneer Scott Murray saw values bounce back 5p to level 89p/kg on Monday. "Lambs in the 38kg to 40kg weight range are selling well," he says. "With the forage situation as it is, theres no point in keeping them beyond this weight.

"Numbers have generally been up on previous seasons for the time of year," he adds.

"But I cant see prices dropping away much further."

At Welshpool, meanwhile, auctioneer Glandon Lewis, says he has "never seen so many marketings in early July". There, the heavier lambs are selling at the "lame" price of 85p to 86p/kg. Overall, however, he points to the firm demand as likely to keep trade steady.

Marketings at Exeter are low, but the message from auctioneer Alan Venner is the same. "Im advising anyone with finished 40kg animals to sell them."

Slightly heavier lambs are selling well at Kendal, however. There, 42kg lambs, making about £36 to £38, are said to be the optimum weight.