18 August 1995

Lancashire lasses line up

I HAD only passed through Lancashire before my visit to the Lancaster club, and what beautiful scenery I had missed.

Eventually I found my way to Catherine Tallentires home in Over Wyresdale, a few miles from Lancaster and nestling in the fells, where a bring and buy sale and garden party had been organised.

The day had dawned drizzly and dull but going by the old saying, "Rain before seven, dry by eleven," we were optimistic that the sun would come out. It did, bringing with it Lancashire lasses of all ages intent on enjoying themselves. Approx-imately £150 was raised for the Lancaster Royal Infirmary from the sale and raffle.

At Catherines home I spent a couple of hours looking through old FWC magazines and reading about the exploits of members on their visit to Russia in the 1960s. Eleanor Newsham appeared on the scene armed with two scrapbooks of her weekend trips with the club. These were a real eye opener to me: Action-packed weekends recorded in such an interesting way. They certainly gave me inspiration for future club events and Im really looking forward to the London weekend in November (17/18) and the Lake District jaunt arranged for February.

Jean Howells

The bring and buy sale was held in the garden of Catherine Tallentire, shown here relaxing with Mary Pye (centre) and Betty Shankland (right).