15 November 1996

Land precision-mapped

Ever wondered how big a field actually is? The acreage may be on the farm map but is it correct?

A satellite navigation system now being marketed by Satcon UK of Clitheroe, is designed to accurately map and record field areas or, if required, parts of them.

The German-built Satograph package comprises a reference base station and a hand held unit. Once the portable base station has been set up, the operator walks or drives round the perimeter of the area to be measured. On returning to the starting point a button is pressed and the area is displayed.

At about £9000, the Satograph is not going to become an integral part of many farm offices but for contractors, land agents or other industries which need to know precise land areas, it could be an interesting option.

Field area measure-ment at the touch of a button with Satcon UKs Satograph.