3 November 1995

Late, but got there in the end

I SET out from the office in plenty of time to get to the Hereford North groups harvest supper held at Presteigne Memorial Hall but regret I arrived late.

Its a pity it gets dark so early now, its bad enough trying to find my way around unfamiliar country lanes let alone having to stop to look at the map only to discover the interior light in the car is not bright enough for map reading. Then its a rummage for the torch and then finally my glasses as I have reached that time of life when I just cannot read the names without them!

However I did get there eventually, paying heed to voices from the past saying "its better to be late in this world than early in the next".

It was wonderful to join 72 others for a delicious supper. I had a great time meeting so many of the members that I had missed at the Rogation Sunday service back in the spring – obviously the prayers had helped to bring so many cheerful faces for the evenings entertainment.

Martin Pugh and Donald Jones arrived just as we were finishing supper and we were treated to an hour or so of their wonderful Welsh voices, accompanied by the piano accordion, singing a varied repertoire from Andrew Lloyd Webbers Love changes Everything to Waltzing Matilda for the Australian visitors present.

These two friends met 47 years ago when they started secondary school together and have obviously enriched many peoples lives with their music and devotion to community life.

Jean Howells