2 June 1995

Leaner lambs now

FLOCKMASTERS must producer leaner, well-fleshed lambs to meet market demands at home and abroad.

Speaking at Scotsheep, Flass Farm, Westruther, Gordon, last week, Meat and Livestock Commission chairman Don Curry said it was vital to strive for quality. Last year only 49% of lambs had fallen into the leaner classes of 2 and 3L, with conformation grades E, U or R.

"We are using industry funds and are prepared to go on the offensive against fat," he said. "But we need a regular supply of good, lean lambs to support our advertising messages."

The Recipe for Love campaign was only the start. Next would be a £2m press campaign beginning in September. "This is to challenge the negative message about fat and focus on a positive message on iron," said Mr Curry.

"The Department of Health has accepted that meat is the best source of easily assimilated iron," he said. "They know there is an increasing iron deficiency in young people, teenage girls, and young mothers."