29 March 1996

Lemken looks to complete its expansion plan

LEMKEN Tri-Ag, the Wymond-ham, Norfolk-based firm formed by merging Howard and Lemken operations in Britain a couple of years ago, is on the look out for another business to complete its expansion plans.

"Bringing the two companies together has worked very well so far," says Mervyn Hutton of Lemken Tri-Ag. "The complementary nature of the products has enabled us to strengthen our dealer network, contributing to a 25% increase in turnover from 1994 to 1995 – our first full year – to more than £7m."

The merger brought two £3m-turnover companies together and Mr Hutton would like to see the combined figure rise to nearer £12m. That, he says, will put the company into a stronger position to better withstand any changes in the fortunes of the farm machinery industry. He is now weighing up how best that can be done.

"It could be through merger or acquisition, with arable or livestock products," he says. &#42