23 June 1995

Let end users help with cereal choice

CHECK more often with potential end users before choosing cereal varieties. So says Paul Brown, technical director of Allied Grain Anglia.

"There are a lot of people saying things about bread-making and malting quality who dont do the job." As a co-funder Allied supports NABIMs wheat guide. But it is worth looking further for more specific information, he suggests.

"We make the bread – they dont. Farmers tend to get led by breeders and other bodies, but they are not making the products."

Guides, such as NABIMs paint a good overall picture, says Mr Brown. "Take notice of what NABIM and the Maltsters Association are saying but look closer at your local outlets," he advises.

Allieds own list of varieties highlights those "preferred" for its own bread-making methods. "We are bold enough to have specific views." Buy-back contracts are available on all such varieties with premiums up to £20/t.