16 June 1995

Levy freeze for cereals

CEREAL growers escape any increase in Home-Grown Cereals Authority levies for 1995/96, MAFF confirmed this week. But all other categories are being raised for the first time in four years.

The cereals levies, which are collected from growers, dealers and processors, are expected to raise £5.69m for funding R&D, market intelligence, export development and contributions to Food from Britain. A separate oilseed levy, paid only by growers, should raise another £0.57m.

HGCA levy rates 1995/96 (p/t)

Cereal growers

30p (+5.25p VAT) no change


3p (+0.525p VAT) up 1p

Processors (feed)

3p (+0.525p VAT) up 2p

Processors (other)

7p (+1.225p VAT) up 1p

Oilseed growers

57p (+9.975p VAT) up 7p