16 June 1995

Lift in dairying margins

DAIRYING margins have improved for four consecutive months, according to latest Genus Milkminder results for April 1995.

Margin over purchased feed and fertiliser a hectare is £257 higher than in April last year and up £36 on last months figure at £2635/ha.

Margin a cow is up £127 on April 1994, taking it to £1192, and margin a litre up 1.77p to 19.70p.

Behind the improvements is the continued increase in milk price, at 23.76p/litre for April 1995 and up 0.22p on last months figures. Genus also points to a £2/t drop in concentrate prices over the year to £138/t, with levels fed down 56kg a cow to 1661kg in April 1995. &#42