23 June 1995

Lifting hopper capacity down

EXTEND down, not up, is Falcon Machinerys approach to increasing hopper capacity on its PH-series drills.

The PH is designed specifically for close coupling to a power harrow, and incorporates a tapered hopper with a total capacity of 980 litres (14cwt).

According to Falcons Colin Parsons, this distinctive hopper shape has a number of advantages: "The seed metering mechanism is lowered, which reduces seed tube length and coulter bounce; the operator has a clearer view to the rear than with conventional hopper extensions; and hopper filling height is lowered."

The filling operation is also made easier by fitting a large lid, which can hinge at either the front or rear – at the front for big bag filling, and at the rear when filling with 50kg bags. Climbing on to the drill is by a gantry/ladder system, which doubles as a drill stand when the unit is uncoupled from the power harrow.

A second, lower lid at the back of the drill gives access for cleaning out the fluted roller metering units, and can also be used as a small-seeds box for sowing crops such as grass and oilseed rape.

Although only currently available as a 3m (10ft) unit, a 4m (13ft) version of the PH drill is planned. Price of the PH3 is £6875.