17 November 1995

Light kites to fly for outdoor pigs

LIGHTER-than-air kites could solve the problem of birds attracted to feed on outdoor pig units.

The Vigilante Helikite from Stroud-based Allsopp Kites consists of a helium-filled balloon sail, tail and line and flies in winds up to force six. The kite mimics a hovering hawk to scare off birds and so is less disruptive to the pigs than bangers.

Each kit has four spare balloons, two flying lines and tails, plus instructions, and costs £108. Cost of gas is between £3 and £7.50 a balloon. (01453 886515).

&#8226 The Civil Aviation Authority has appealed to farmers not to site units within eight miles of an airfield – or at least initiate effective bird control measures. The CAA has pointed out that it can ban outdoor pig farming near airfields because planning permission is now needed for them