15 November 1996

Light side of seeding

WITH a 2m working width, the ATV pulled Super Sow-Lite drill from Sudbury-based Jordan Engineering could be a useful addition to the machinery line-up found on many farms.

Typical tasks, says the manufacturer, include patching up areas of failed crops, filling in drill misses or creating narrow conservation headlands.

Hopper capacity is about 150kg, with seed metered by a land driven pegged roller system. A gearbox offers over 200 seed rate settings.The drills 16 coulters are raised and lowered through the use of an electric motor – when they are raised the seed supply is also shut off. Individual coulters can also be raised if full width sowing is not required and they can even be removed if, say, grass seed is to be broadcast.

Price of the Super Sow-Lite starts at £1750 for a basic broadcasting version and rises to £3195 for the fully equipped drill.