20 September 1996

Lindane being blamed

IMPORTED feed containing the pesticide lindane is being blamed for nine milk samples exceeding the maximum residue level in 1995, according to the working party on Pesticides Residues.

Although intake of milk with the highest residue would not present a risk to consumers, investigations are being carried out to establish the cluster of cases taken from milk sampled between July and October last year.

Ian Shaw, working party chairman, said monitoring of milk had been stepped up for 1996 to check whether the trend, which had no geographical pattern, recurs.

The 7th annual report, which analysed more than 3100 samples from a variety of foodstuffs, showed that pesticides were generally being used responsibly by farmers.

More than two-thirds of foodstuff samples (68%) did not contain detectable residues, 31% had residues below the maximum residue level and less than 1% had residues above the MRL.n