9 February 1996

Liners not replaced enough

LINER damage will be a topic at the ADAS machine milking and dairy cow welfare meetings.

Dr Pocknee believes liners should be replaced more frequently than current practice on many farms for as they get older they fail to massage the teat correctly.

He claims that effective and correct liner movement is essential to protect teats from the effects of vacuum. "Worn liners can lead to teat lesions and abnormalities, oedemas or severe hyperkeratosis," he says. "Teats must be looked at after milking to assess the damage being caused."

Reducing elasticity and tension means liners need replacing after 2500 cow milkings, he claims.

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"Recommendations to change liners every six months were based on rubber perishing and the problems this causes with cleaning. When milking times are made shorter by fitting new liners its a sign they are not being changed often enough."