6 October 1995


FARMERS who donate money to the Livestock Industry Support Trust can now formalise the arrangement with their auction markets.

Forms, sent to auctioneers by LIST, can be completed by farmers to authorise deductions to be made from all animals sold through the mart.

LIST director Rowland Kershaw-Dalby said: "Until now we have been dependent on farmers offering to donate sums on every batch of stock entered at the marts. This has placed a huge administrative burden on the auctioneers."

The new forms would simplify the process into a more permanent undertaking. And a farmers willingness to donate money to LIST could be incorporated into the marts computer systems he added.

Farmers are encouraged to donate £2 a head for finished cattle, £1 per calf, and 10p for each lamb sold. LIST says it uses the money for lobbying activities, and to improve industry communication on issues affecting the livestock sector.