2 June 1995

Liver fluke risks high

LIVESTOCK producers are being warned of an increased risk of liver fluke this summer after record infection levels last year.

Incidence in sheep and cattle last autumn was double the previous year with 125 cases recorded.

The risk has been compounded further by the above average rainfall between August and October. "Even with a relatively dry summer we shall still see high levels of fluke," says Ciba Animal Health technical adviser Lynda Maris.

She recommends producers administer a preventative summer dose against fluke, especially to stock not dosed in the spring.

Spring/summer treatments help reduce pasture contamination by preventing fluke picked up by the animal reaching the egg laying stage and shedding eggs onto pasture, says Ms Maris. The larvae that hatched would be picked up by snails and allowed to multiply.

She recommends dosing intervals be based on product efficacy.