15 December 1995

Lleyn x Bleu is a new cross

MIDLANDS-based livestock marketing group Meadow Valley Livestock has developed a new breed of sheep to meet market demands.

It has crossed a Lleyn ewe with a Bleu du Maine ram. Sixty such ewe lambs are now under trial at the ADAS Drayton research and development centre, Warwicks, where their performance will be monitored over the next three years.

"We want to offer farmers an animal with minimum management problems, which produces an acceptability high proportion of twins, is a good milk producer and mother and whose lambs more easily reach optimum sale weight," says MVLs Clive Mahony.

"We also want to ensure the end product is a meaty, high grade, low-fat lamb which meets the specification demanded. The programme is market-driven, not producer-led."