31 May 1996

Loads of big balers

UK BIG square baler sales may only account for about 250 units a year, but there is no shortage of new metal on offer.

Joining the Mengele line-up is the mid-range 540 model, which produces a 120cm x 70cm (48in x 28in) bale. This slots in between the 120cm x 85cm bale (48in x 34in) 550 and 80cm x 70cm bale (32in x 28in) 530 machines.

Paul Bassett, of importer Bonhill Engineering, says there has been a definite shift in preferred bale size since the last Grassland event in 1993. "At that time the market seemed to be swinging towards the bigger 120cm x 85cm-type bale. But that has changed," he explains. "We now sell 10 of our smaller 530 balers for every one 550. And we expect the 540 to slot somewhere in the middle," says Mr Bassett.

The 540s 120cm x 70cm bale is a compromise between the bigger 550 bale, which tends to be preferred for transport and stacking, and the easier-to-handle, square section 530 package. Like the bigger 550, the 540 is available with a 14-knife chopping unit, which adds about 20hp to the machines standard power requirement of 100hp. It also adds about £6000 to the price.

Also making its working debut at Grassland 96, after an extended test period, was Welgers D6050. The silage version of the established D6000 machine, the D6050 comes complete with 24-knife Proficut chopping device and produces a 120cm x 70cm bale. Price is £83,845. &#42

Mengele balers


Bale width (cm)80120120

Bale height (cm)707085

Bale weight (kg)

Straw (8ft bale)240360390

Silage (5ft bale)375565600

No of knotters455

Pick-up width (m)

Price (£)55,49062,34064,990