23 February 1996

Low-dose cleaver kill

MORE reliable early season cleaver control in winter wheat is possible by using a low dose sequence of Harmony M (metsulfuron-methyl + thifensulfuron-methyl) and Starane (fluroxypyr), claims agchem maker DuPont.

The treatment is useful at low temperatures when current programmes can be less effective and allow weed regrowth, says product manager Graham Dickinson. A wide range of other broad-leaved weeds are also controlled, he adds.

Typical rates are likely to be 45g/ha of Harmony M and 0.5 litres/ ha (0.35pt/acre) of Starane, costing about £28/ha (£11/acre). Exact figures will depend on plant population. The former should be applied from ear at 1cm to first node detectable (GS30-31) and the latter between second node detectable and flag leaf just visible (GS32-37). &#42