1 December 1995

Lower hp drill launched

DEMAND for a lower horsepower model has encouraged Vaderstad to introduce a 3m (10ft) version of its Rapid cultivator drill.

Originally introduced in 6m (20ft) wide format at Smithfield 92, demand for the drill has grown each time the Swedish firm has launched a smaller model. The 4m (13ft) is now the biggest seller in the Rapid range.

"Drilling output is directly related to the power put on the front. To get the most out of the Rapid you need a minimum of 30hp/m drill width," Vaderstads Eric Fosbury said at the show.

"We have introduced this smaller drill for farmers with 400-500 acres who may not have the available power to pull one of the bigger models."

With a power requirement of 100hp, the 3m Rapid RD 300P is a scaled-down version of the bigger drill. Output is claimed to be 24-28ha a day (60-70 acres a day).

In what is expected to be its most popular format, the RD 300P comprises a bank of soil-loosening agrilla tines, a levelling board, two rows of disc coulters, independently mounted depth/press wheels and following harrow. Depth is set by a stop on the main lift ram.

Seed is pneumatically blown from the 2000-litre capacity hopper to the coulters via a single "Accord system" metering head.

Drill price is £25,310. &#42

This 3m wide Vaderstad Rapid drill is designed for tractors over 100hp.