7 June 1996

MAFF ready to recall all MBM

MAFF plans to recall all meat and bonemeal along with any animal feed containing it, from manufacturers, merchants and farms.

As part of governments moves to cut BSE the inclusion of MBM in livestock feed was banned in March, and from April it became illegal to feed it to any farm animals.

Supply trade body UKASTA estimates there is still about 4000t of feed made with MBM and about 2000t of straight MBM left in feed mills, which would have been worth more than £1m before the bans. But there is no estimate of how much is still on pig and poultry units.

Jim Reed, UKASTA director-general, said the association was at an advanced stage of talks with MAFF. If contracts can be agreed then UKASTA will act as an agent for MAFF and collect all the material and deliver it for disposal.

It seems likely farm ministers will announce the scheme officially early next week, along with plans to make it a criminal offence for anyone to possess MBM, whether in its raw state or included in feed.

Mr Reed added that despite UKASTAs efforts there was little prospect of any government compensation for retrieved stock. But MAFF would cover all costs associated with the recall scheme.

MAFF has urged all farmers who have feed including "land animal products" to check with their supplier whether MBM was included in the ration. &#42