2 May 2001
MAFF relaxes silage movements

By FWi staff

THE Ministry of Agriculture has offered new guidance to farmers on whether they can move silage from farm to farm within foot-and-mouth restricted areas.

Vets have agreed that, in some cases, big-bale silage from contiguous or dangerous contacts premises where stock have been slaughtered can be moved.

Silage made before 31 December, 2000 may be moved within a protection zone for up to 5km, so long as its covering is undamaged and intact.

National Farmers Union deputy president Tim Bennett attributed this development to union lobbying. “Our campaigning has paid off,” he said.

“There is a desperate need for more silage to become available in restricted areas and these guidelines should make a significant difference.”

The strict guidelines contain information regarding cleansing and disinfecting procedures and pay particular attention to the transportation and delivery of bales.

The importance of maintaining existing bio-security measures to protect livestock from infection is highlighted.

Farmers wanting a licence should apply to the Animal Health Divisional Office, specifying the number of bales to be moved and when this will take place.

Every subsequent movement will require another licence.


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