19 December 1997

MAFF spends to freshen up its image

MAFF is spending an estimated £100,000 with a design agency which has been awarded the contract to come up with a new name and image for the ministry.

Farm minister Jack Cunningham announced the name and culture change when he took office in May. The £100,000 comes on top of the £1m spent recently on new offices for the minister and his three deputies.

But Shadow farm minister, Michael Jack, said he was astounded by the amount of money being spent.

"At a time when the agriculture industry in this country is in a desperate state, Jack Cunningham is busy wasting money appointing identity consultants to come up with a new name for MAFF.

"This is the classic case of Nero fiddling while Rome burns, and demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, Jack Cunninghams couldnt-care-less attitude towards farmers," Mr Jack said. &#42