24 May 2002

Magnetic stirrer does job

TIRED of walking backwards and forwards stirring antibiotic powders that refuse to dissolve? A magnetic stirrer, winning highly commended in the innovation awards at the Pig & Poultry Fair, could be the answer.

Achieving even doses of medicinal powders through drinking systems can often be problematic, explains owner of SIMCO systems Simon Rawcliffe. "When antibiotic powder is mixed with water in a bucket, its concentration can be too high to dissolve.

"Normally producers have to stir the suspension every 20 minutes during the dosing period."

The magnetic stirer, Spinstir avoids this problem by continually mixing the suspension during the dosing period, explains Mr Rawcliffe. "A bucket is placed on the stirrer enclosure which contains a motor with a magnet attached. A teflon coated magnet is put in the bucket and this follows the magnet below, creating a vortex to keep the powder in suspension." The equipment costs £180. &#42

A magnetic stirrer ensures stock recieve the correct dose of medication, says Simon Rawcliffe.