18 August 1995

Maize DMs rise by 2.5%

FORAGE maize dry matters have risen by an average 2.5% to 18.9%, with the crop at the cob fill stage on the more advanced sites.

Those are the main harvest indicators from the second weeks Coop de Pau/farmers weekly DM survey based on seven farms in Scotland, Wales and England.

Most samples have progressed as expected in the dry, sunny weather and cobs vary between watery to milky stage on advanced sites. This weeks highest DM was recorded at Crediton, which had improved by 5.4% to 23.1% due to a lot of well developed cobs in the sample.

Carmarthen showed a minor fall of about 0.3%. "On this more marginal site cobs are not yet filling and it is normal to record fluctuations at this stage," says James Woodbridge of Coop de Pau. &#42

Coop de Pau 1995 forage maize dry matter data from seven farms

Site locationDrilling Height aboveDM%DM%

datesea level (m)Aug 3Aug 11

Crediton, Devon16/411817.723.1

Attleborough, Norfolk3/53517.119.3

Winchester, Hants23/413718.821.6

Carmarthen, Dyfed16/415217.216.9

Driffield, Yorks13/53713.115.4

Hinckley, Leics1/511018.321.1

Dumfries, Scotland11/54512.615.0

Average DM 1995 sites16.418.9