9 June 1995

Maize-nificant 7…

BEST source of further information about whole-crop is the Maize Growers Association (MGA).

It is offering copies of the seven following publications to members considering taking whole-crop this summer:

&#8226 Whole-crop cereals. The LINK programme, G Alderman, 1992.

&#8226 Whole-crop cereals trial at ADAS Bridgets, R Mansbridge, 1992.

&#8226 Whole-crop cereals and urea, G Newman 1990.

&#8226 Whole-crop cereals. A forage for ruminants, R Weller & G Newman 1990.

&#8226 Whole-crop cereals, G Newman, 1992.

&#8226 MGA 1991 Conference Papers, various authors, 1991.

&#8226 MGA whole-crop conference Stirling, various authors, 1995.

The MGA is based at the Centre for Dairy Research (CEDAR), Hall Farm, Arborfield, Reading RG2 9HX (01734 761595).

The other publication on the subject worth reading is Whole-crop Cereals (2nd Edition) by B A Stark and J M Wilkinson, available from Chalcombe Publications, Pilgrims Cottage, Church Lane, Kingston, Canturbury, Kent CT4 6HX (£14.95 inc p&p).