13 October 1995

Maize selling well this year

WITH the season for standing maize sales about to close, auctioneers say crops have been making prices above last years levels, despite the lower yields.

An average of £1087/ha (£440/ acre) was seen this season by Wright-Manleys Andrew Wallace.

In parts of Cheshire and north Shropshire, he says yields were down on 1994 by between 7.4t and 12.4t/ha (3-5t/acre). But still nothing changed hands at under £988 (£400/acre), Mr Wallace says.

The top bid taken by Wright Manley was £1557/ha (£630/acre). Location and accessibility were the main determinants of price, not necessarily the quality, he adds.

Similarly, Martin Dare of Yeovil-based R B Taylor and Sons says that one lot in Sussex, despite having suffered from the drought, still made £865/ha (£350/acre). "The dry weather has affected forage supplies in that area and so demand was huge," he says.

Far more maize sales have taken place this year, he suggests, as more and more dairy herds have been dispersed and farmers have found themselves with surplus crop.

Best price seen by Mr Dare was £1211 (£490/acre) at Pulborough, Sussex. "Trade has been extremely strong, especially as yields have been so variable." &#42