5 January 1996

Making light of drum carrying

MOVING 225-litre oil drums around the farm tends to mean one of two things: Either balancing the drum on a forklift pallet and creeping around the yard, or manual manoeuvring accompanied by some heavy grunting.

Scottish firm Empteezy claims to have made the job safer and easier. Its ST sump trolleys are designed to carry either one or two 225-litre (50gal) barrels of oil.

Model ST1 holds one drum in the vertical position only. The bigger ST2 holds either two drums vertically for hand pump dispensing, or one drum on its side for gravity dispensing.

Both ST models have a galvanised grid mesh removable floor above a 225-litre capacity sump. This collects any oil spillage and is fitted with a drain plug.

The trolleys are mounted on a combination of two fixed and two swivel brake castors. &#42

Oils on wheels from Empteezy.