22 March 1996

Making most of Caxton

HUSBANDRY guidelines to help growers achieve top milling premiums for newly recommended breadmaking wheat Caxton have been issued by Elsoms Seeds.

"Caxton is a variety with rapid early development and good spring growth," says agricultural director Bob Miles. "Care needs to be taken with nitrogen and other inputs." Although nitrogen needs applying at conventional growth stages, those are likely to occur a few days earlier than most varieties, says Mr Miles.

About a third of the total N should be delayed until second node (GS32) to reduce lodging risk and prolong green leaf cover.

Later N to boost protein is recommended as foliar urea after flowering at 40kg/ha (32 units/ acre). Sulphur also helps and maintains high Hagberg levels, he adds.

Caxton is often the first variety to be colonised by insect pests because of its earliness, says Mr Miles. Thrips should be controlled before ear emergence and aphid attack prevented by applying a protectant pyrethroid to emerged ears. &#42