4 August 1995

Mascot moves up to pole position

By Sue Rider

UK dairy proofs published this week demonstate for the first time the value of records in progress. Five of the top 10 bulls are listed six months earlier now that heifer lactations are converted to 305-day equivalents.

The quicker evaluation gives the US sire Mascot a combined proof* and pole position in the UK ranked on Index of Total Economic Merit (ITEM) [See Table 1].

His PIN of £118 moves closer in-line with that of the top bull on conversion, Labelle at £128. That conversions have moved closer to UK evaluations is the result of changes to the latest update of the Individual Animal Model from the Animal Data Centre (ADC). These account for possible preferential treatment of imported daughters of foreign bulls and have seen US sires Blackstar, with an ITEM of £73, and Michael, ITEM £76, dropping from the top 50.

Other newcomers to the top 10 include the Dutch sires Sestak Lou Etta Scout and Oudkerker Constantijn – both also assessed on records in progress. Scout is by Southwind – former number one UK proven sire now second behind Mascot.

Top UK-bred sire is the Cleitus son Thuborough Clipper from Devon breeder William Ley. Unfortunately, the bull is dead. Second UK-bred bull in the top 10 is the Blackstar son Genus Longview out of a dam by the US sire Bookie, and selected by for his outcross pedigree that avoids Valiant and Bell bloodlines.

Other newcomers to the top 15 include the Dutch sires Carousel Amos and Nordkap and the Genus Cleitus son MOET Cleos Benefactor out of a Moneymaker dam. His UK total merit for type is +1.69. Benefactor has a full brother Blitz, also in the top 20 but scoring less well for type.

Other newcomers for Genus include the Cleitus sons MOET Gold Boulevard and Genus Richfield, and the Winken sons MOET Cadet Coxcomb and Clatter. Richfield is out of a Chairman and has a type merit score of 1.82.

Performing well from France are Ugela Bell and Sammy (£84 PIN), from Denmark NJY Hubert (£88 PIN), and from the US Secret (£84 PIN). US sires in the top 50 but not available in the UK are Cleitus, Bell Boss (£93), Winken (£77) and Nick (£83).

No UK-bred sires feature in the latest top 10 black-and-white bulls ranked on ITEM [see Table 2]. &#42

Table 1: Top B&W sires with full or combined* UK proofs ranked on ITEM index (Aug 95).


milk kgfat kgfat%prot kgprot%

Singing Brook NB Mascot (US/UK)*88 106727-0.2533-0.02118 119

Southwind Bell of Bar-Lee (UK)9982531-0.0528+0.02106 110

Kashome Bell Jurist (UK)9696638-0.0329-0.05109106

Sestak Lou Etta Scout (H/UK)*8251530+0.1523+0.1095 101

Oudkerker Constantijn (H/UK)*8670725-0.0725+0.0496 95

Ugela Bell (UK)9877621-0.1826+0.019295

Thuborough Clipper (UK)5890631-0.0925-0.069493

Bis-May Tradition Cleitus (UK)9785931-0.0724-0.0689 93

Genus Longview (UK)6371122-0.1225+0.039292

Carousel Amos (H/UK)* 8373821-0.1525+0.029392

* Combined proofs based on performance of UK daughters and the current converted proof.

Table 2: Top 10 active Holstein Friesian sires ranked on ITEM index* (Aug 95).

SupplierRel%PTA95PTA95PTA95 PTA95PTA95 PIN95ITEMSemen milk kgfat kg fat %prot kgprot %Price

Etazon Labelle (H) Genus 77107741 -0.04 34-0.01128125 37.50

Delta Cleitus Jabot (H) Genus 8197235-0.0634+0.04128123 35.00

Singing Brook NB Mascot (US/UK)** Genus 88106727-0.2533-0.02 11811960.00

Cleiber (G) Topline 7485229-0.1029+0.0110811438.00

Etazon Celsius (H) Genus 77108130-0.2033-0.0311711440.00

Etazon Lutz (H) Herdwise 8099434-0.09320.00119113 35.00

Maizefield Bellwood (US) Goldstar 69134237-0.1733-0.08115 11240.00

Notel (G) Supersires 7582731-0.0628+0.0110711130.00

Southwind Bell of Bar-Lee (UK) Progen 9982531-0.0528+0.02 10611030.00

Dekker Clown (G) Dekker UK 73103132-0.1629-0.0610410827.50

* All foreign proofs converted to UK PTA95 equivalents using the latest Interbull conversions, minimum reliability 65%. Source: Animal Data Centre. ** Combined proof based on performance of UK daughters and the current converted proof.