1 March 1996

Massey switch back to levers

ADVERSE reaction to a push-button forward-reverse shuttle control has prompted Massey Ferguson to ditch the design in favour of a conventional lever-operated switch.

The button control was introduced with the 80hp to 120hp 6100-series a year ago. It pre-selects the forward or reverse gear, which is then engaged by dipping the clutch pedal. A light on the dash panel shows which gear is selected.

"But our customer satisfaction survey showed a significant number of buyers do not like the button," says Mark Broom of Massey Ferguson.

The main criticism is that, without looking at the indicator light, drivers can not tell whether forward or reverse is selected. It makes some owners extra-cautious about putting an inexperienced driver on the tractor.

"A lever provides that visual clue, so that is what we are now fitting on the 6100-series," says Mr Broom. "The larger hp 8100-series always had this control layout."

All switch supplies are committed to the production line at present but a retro-fit kit will be available for owners wanting to change existing tractors. &#42

A lever is set to replace this push-button forward/reverse control on MF 6100-series tractors.