1 December 1995

Media distorting beef image:MLC

MEDIA coverage of BSE is mainly inaccurate, irresponsible and sensational and has unnecessarily raised consumer concerns about the safety of British beef, claimed the Meat and Livestock Commission.

Since last weeks World in Action programme the MLC has sent thousands of leaflets to butchers and supermarkets to help them answer consumer queries.

They stress:

&#8226 There is no evidence humans can contract CJD from BSE animals.

&#8226 CJD affects vegetarians.

&#8226 It occurs at about the same rate in countries where BSE is absent.

Retailers estimate beef sales fell 20% following the programme.

, but recovered within 10 days.

&#8226 MLC has a free telephone hotline (0800 515680) to deal with the hundreds of enquiries from worried consumers.