21 July 1995

Melody back in top league to take interbreed

By Alan Barker


dairy cattle

Interbreed D I W Oldershaws Holstein Friesian cow Bernadale Counsellor Darla; res, J O Hodges British Holstein cow Witborne Counselor Ghost.

Dairy Shorthorn J C Haywards heifer Hooton Lily Fair 109th; res, G A and DW Dents cow Winbrook Jill 91st.

British Holstein J O Hodges cow Witbourne Counselor Ghost; res, R D Carter and Sons cow Bricknell Inspiration Ethel.

Holstein Friesian D I W Oldershaws cow Bernadale Counselor Darla; res, R E Dicksons hefier Youelldene Raider Gremlin.

Ayrshire D and A Howie and Sons cow Morwick Annie 18th; res, A Myers heifer Sandiford Jessamine 5th.

*** Jersey J C Peat and Partners cow Mossbank Crusaders Sophie 2nd; res, R F and J F Heaths cow La Meille Royal Stas 12th

BEEF cattle

Interbreed R Lunnesss Simmental cow Brinkton Melody 3rd; res,

Mrs S Vales Charolais cow Blelack Cordella.

Beef Shorthorn Mr M D Abrahams bull Chapelton Eclipse; res, J Doughtys cow Balmyle Tessa.

Lincoln Red F E Read and Sons bull Hemingby Ingram; res, R and J Burtts heifer Brandon Bridget.

Aberdeen Angus Scourfield, Brooks and Addisons bull Nightingale Proud; res, F Revelys cow DMM-Miss-Essence.

Hereford J W and R Johnsons bull Chapelton 1 Heritage; res, J B Henrys heifer, Blakelaw 1 Opal.

Galloway M and J Ross and Sons cow Sunset of Romesbeoch; res, M and J Ross and Sons cow Marianne 40th of Romesbeoch.

Belted Galloway Mr and Mrs J McTurks heifer May Wafer; res, J Jeffords bull Broadmeadows Whipa.

Highland S Browns heifer Capleadh of Browhaze; res, S Browns heifer Beitidh of Browhaze.

South Devon W &#42 D Scotts bull Grove Charlemagne 5th; res, A P and P E Greenshields cow Herrington Hill Gladys 10th.

Longhorn S and R Vaughans bull Huntsman Lion; res, S and R Vaughans heifer Longrove Swift.

British Charolais Mrs S Vales cow Blelack Cordella; res, G W Turners heifer Grocve Holly.

British Simmental R Lunnesss cow Brinkton Melody 3rd; res, R Lunnesss Heifer, Brinkton Melodys Emerald.

British Limousin P and A Langs bull Ryedale Gyro; res, R Lockharts bull Woodlea Johnbob.

Blonde dAquitaine K and AC Jacksons heifer Sealburn Irene; res, M R Scotts bull Holworth Gareth.

British Belgian Blue R &#42 Masons bull Wold Newton Kit Kat; res,

JM Seels bull Hooton Kojack.

Salers C D Carrs heifer Mosstock Irma.

Commercial beef A and &#42 Williams Limousin x Limousin steer; res, P and R Robsons Belgian Blue x steer.


Interbreed hill sire N Allonbys Blackface ram; res, J Bradleys Swaledale.

Lowland sire Ms A B Garbutts Leicester; res, A and D.M Duffield and Sons Wensleydale.

Terminal sire. T Nesbitt and Sons Texel; res, M J and J A Pinnys Suffolk.

Leicester Ms A B Garbutts shearling ram; res, B W and A E Glavess shearling gimmer.

Teeswater Bainbridge Bros shearling gimmer; res, A Fishers ram.

Bluefaced Leicester W Wearmought and Sons ewe; res, D Cruikshanks ram.

Lincoln J C Michaels ewe; res, and L C Newboults ram.

Wensleydale Steventon and Clouders ewe; res, Steventon and Clouder. British Bleu Du Maine Mrs J Beaumonts ram; res, Mrs J Beaumonts ewe.

Hampshire Down D L Gardiners ewe; res, Bishop Burton Farms ram lamb.

Suffolk M J and J A Pinnys ewe lamb; res, J C Greensits ram lamb.

Oxford Down Kirkwood and Ribys ram lamb; res, Kirkwood and Ribys ewe lamb.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Johnstone and Wests ram; res, P E Owens ewe lamb.

Ryeland Mrs S J Brydons ram; res, Mrs M Hipps shearling ewe

Texel T Nesbitt and Sons shearling ewe; res, &#42 A Ashleys aged ram.

British Charollais D L Gardiners shearling ram.

British Vendeen Mrs M F Andersons ewe; res, Mrs Andersons ram.

British Rouge de LOuest Miss F A Harrisons ewe; res, Mrs G Teasdales ram.

British Berrichon Du Cher A J Grahams ram; res, Mrs D E Charltons ewe.

Blackface C Boococks ewe lamb; res, N I Allonbys shearling ram.

North Country Cheviot G &#42 Lloyds ram; res, L W and E J Coverdales gimmer.

Derbyshire Gritstone C R Mitchells shearling ewe; res, Mrs S Lords ewe lamb.

Lonk J C Pickards gimmer shearling; res, &#42 Crowthers ram.

Swaledale J Bradleys ram; res, A and E and R Sowerbys ewe.

Whitefaced Woodland. J M Howards ewe; res, Gordon and Lees ram.

Rough Fell G M Sedgwick and sons ram; res, G M Sedgwick and Sons aged ram.

Dalesbred J M Wilson and Sons gimmer shearling; res, J M Wilson and Sons aged ram.

Herdwick T G Graves ewe; res, Lady MacDonald of Sleats ram.

Lleyn Mrs P M Baseleys shearling ewe; res, Mrs Baseleys shearling ram.

Hebridean P J and Z F Simpsons ewe; res, P I Howletts ram.

Jacob Mrs &#42 Baillies ewe; res, Mrs Baillies shearling ewe.

Mule A M Browns gimmer shearling; res, A C Hutchinsons ewe.

Half-bred by Down ram B and M Watkinsons gimmer shearling.

Masham J M Wilson and Sons ewe lamb; res, J Ripleys ewe.

Butchers lamb M A Keighley; res, A Scarborough.

Commercial lamb carcass J Colliers Texel cross; res, M A Keighleys Texel cross.


Interbreed Fleece on the hoof E and F Capsticks Rough Fell ewe; res, Bainbridge Brothers Teeswater gimmer shearling.

Hill breeds L Coverdales North Country Cheviot.

Down breeds D L Gardiners British Charollais.

Champion shorn fleece Mr and Mrs DT Guys Bluefaced Leicester.


Interbreed P and M Reeders Welsh gilt Lopham Dainty Girl 34th; res, A Gregory and Sons Large White gilt Poplarburn Dainty Girl 107th.

Pig of the Year (Final) P and M Reeders Welsh gilt Lopham Dainty Girl 35th; res, T Altys Middle White boar Marshlands Captain 8th.

Large Black T Altys sow Marshlands Bess 4th; res, A Gregory and Sons boar Poplarburn Attempt 25th.

British Saddleback K and K Matthews sow Low Park Grand Duchess 197th; res, J and J R Appletons boar Rainbarrow Stockbroker 15th.

Welsh P and M Reeders gilt Lopham Dainty Girl 34th; res, P and M Reeders gilt Lopham Dainty Girl 35th.

Berkshire Hutchinson and Eales sow Moorsholm Stonebow 5th; res, Hutchinson and Eales gilt Moorsholm Stonebow 12th.

Middle White T Altys boar, Marshlands Captain 7th; res, W Q Todd and Sons sow Flaxmill Purity 210th.

Any other white breed A Gregory and Sons Large White gilt Poplarburn Dainty Girl 107th; res, B and M Mulkeens Landrace gilt Lindum Lyssi 257th.

Any other coloured breed C Penrices Gloucester Old Spot Violet Bank Princess Mary 300th; res, &#42 M Prison Service Mymotts Hampshire sow Colony Wymott Precious 9th.

YORKS breeder, Robert Lunness, and his famous Simmental cow, Brinkton Melody 3rd, claimed centre stage at the new-look Great Yorkshire Show at Harrogate.

The disappointment of Melody surrendering her unbeaten-in-class record at both the Royal Highland and Royal shows earlier this summer was swept aside when she stepped forward as the comfortable winner of the coveted interbreed beef championship within minutes of notching up her fourth consecutive breed championship.

Minutes later she was the undoubted star at the breed societys 25th anniversary celebrations, making it very much a champagne occasion.

Melody is being retired from the show circuit after next weeks Royal Welsh Show, but Mr Lunness, from Bankside Farm, East Cowick, Goole, has a handful of embryo daughters coming to take up the challenge next season. The Melody family have won nine Yorkshire show breed titles in the past 10 years.

Derbyshire producer DIWOldershaws Holstein Friesian cow, Bernadale Counselor Darla, took the dairy interbreed championship at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Interbreed pig championship went to Pand MReaders Welsh gilt, Lopham Dainty Girl 34th.