2 June 1995

Midge detection easier

SPOTTING orange blossom midge in wheat crops could be easier this summer thanks to a new indicator trap from Herts-based Pan Britannica Industries.

The yellow sticky plastic traps should be hung in tramlines, level with the crop ears, and the catch examined daily. They are available free from distributors stocking Spannit (chlorpyrifos) and Dicofen (fenitrothion), both recommended for midge control.

&#8226 It was warm enough over the weekend for the first midge hatch to occur, says James Knight of DowElanco. Despite that, few crops were at risk at the start of the week as it was too windy and cool for the midges to fly, he adds. "But they can sit and wait for 10-14 days for the weather to improve."

Growers, especially those in the higher-risk south and west, should inspect crops in ear if, as forecast, warmer, calmer weather returns, he advises.