9 February 1996

Milk Group bonus offer

THE Milk Group has abolished its haulage charges for all members. At the same time it has announced volume bonuses, starting in April, for larger collections.

Keen to recruit new producers, the group has also announced new quality payments with a premium of 0.1p/litre for milk with somatic cell counts below 150,000/ml.

Chief executive David Hall said the abolition of transport charges would be particularly attractive to existing members, and potential recruits, who supplied less than 2000 litres a day. "For example, a member supplying less than 900 litres a day will see an immediate improvement in his milk payment of 0.33p/litre."

The transport bonuses offer up to 0.2p/litre for producers supplying the Milk Group with more than 5000 litres a day. &#42