11 February 2000

Milk Link recruiting members

NEW producer group Milk Link has embarked on a campaign to sign over 3200 members before the end of the month.

The Plymouth-based co-op, one of three created after the enforced break-up of Milk Marque, ditched its temporary name, Meadow Fresh, and launched its new identity this week.

Founder members – those belonging to Milk Marque who sign before Feb 29 – will earn extra interest on preference shares and gain longer term benefits over and above subsequent members, says the company.

Its aims remain unchanged. "1999 was a tough year," says chairman Jim Harrison. "The strong £ and a weak demand for milk brought critical financial pressure on farmers.

"The future pricing of milk is critical to their survival and Neil MacFarlane (operations director) is negotiating as to what level this will be set at. By working with our customers Milk Link will add value to its milk and – by minimising its costs – return the best prices to our members."

Milk Link will provide collection and support services for members across nine counties from Cornwall to Kent, selling 1.4bn litres of milk to 60 potential customers.

Turnover is expected to top £250m a year. &#42