25 August 1995

Milk Marque announces rise in its standard litre price

By Shelley Wright

MILK Marque will raise its standard litre price to 25p/litre from Oct 1. The rise of 0.25p/litre is accompanied by a reduction in the protein standard from 3.35% to 3.3%, partly in recognition of the exceptional weather conditions.

Ian Watson, Milk Marque chairman, said the price rise reflected the success of the selling rounds for the new contract year, together with a commitment to increase monthly payments rather than retain money for a year-end profit distribution.

The protein standard would be reviewed again before April, said Mr Watson.

From October, Milk Marques standard litre will be 4.1% butterfat and 3.3% protein. The new price will return 2.59p for every 1% butterfat and 4.36p for every 1% protein.

Scottish Milk will also change its producer payments from September, heralding a move to payment on quality rather than volume. A new standard litre of 3.95% butterfat and 3.35% protein will operate, with payments or deductions of 2.5p per 1% fat and 4.2p for every 1% protein around the standard.

From November, Scottish Milk will increase penalties for high somatic cell counts and will also introduce differential haulage rates for the first time. There will be a flat charge of £5 per collection plus 0.1p/litre. However, there will be an upper limit on the total charge of 1.6p/litre.