19 May 1995

Milk Marque man defects

DEREK Beresford, who only five months ago was set to become a Milk Marque board member, has abandoned the co-op to join Scottish dairy company Robert Wiseman Dairies.

Mr Beresford, who farms near Sandbach, Cheshire, will supply 2m litres to the company. Although nominated to become an MM board member, he was defeated by Neville Thornhill in a close-run election last Dec.

Wisemans is due to open a new £10m liquid milk processing unit in Manchester this autumn. Mr Beresford will be involved in the campaign to recruit producers to supply the dairy.

Robert Wiseman Dairies was floated on the stock exchange last year.

It is involved only in fresh liquid milk and has more than 30% of the Scottish market. The 150 producers who already supply the company directly are among the best paid in the UK. They have received more than 26p/litre since last November.