19 October 1998
Milk Marque threatens legal challenge to MMC inquiry

MILK Marque could demand a judicial review of the Monopolies and Mergers Commissions inquiry into the supply of raw milk.

The farmer-owned co-operative has taken legal advice about whether the MMC inquiry is illegal under European Union law.

Paul Beswick, managing director of Milk Marque, said he would reserve the right to seek a judicial review if his lawyers concluded the MMCs investigation breached EU law.

He said the Common Agricultural Policy entitled milk producers to seek a “target price” for their milk.

Mr Beswick said UK producers have been getting less than 90% of the target price, while producers elsewhere in Europe generally get around 95% of the target price.

Milk Marques solicitors Freshfields have told the MMC they will seek a judicial review if it recommended changes to the UK system of selling milk which prevented milk producers from obtaining the target price.

  • Financial Times 19/10/98 page 7