8 September 1995

Milk replacer can boost calf immunity

HEALTHY gut microflora are maintained and the immune system stimulated by the natural product Bio-Mos, now included in SCA Nutritions calf milk replacer range.

The company claims calves offered the milk replacers are less susceptible to disease and have shown improved growth rates.

Bio-Mos is the brand name for Alltechs oligosaccharide product, which contains complex sugars derived from yeast cell walls. These sugars are designed to prevent disease-causing bacteria establishing themselves in the gastrointestinal tract of the calf.

SCA Nutrition also claims that Bio-Mos has been shown to stimulate the activity of the animals immune system.

Cost of the calf milk replacers, inclusive of Bio-Mos, ranges from £900/t to £1350/t delivered (01845-578125).