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Three retail chains are now stocking small bottles of milk designed to steal market share from fizzy drinks manufacturers.

Arla Foods launched Cravendale milk in 250ml bottles earlier this year – with the idea of offering consumers a healthy alternative to cans of soft drink.

Already stocked in the convenience soft drinks aisle at Co-op, Cravendale 250ml is now being stocked at Asda, Nisa and Bestway stores too.

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The extension of its availability across a broad range of retailers reflects Arla’s continued objective to help consumers think about the different ways they can enjoy fresh milk.

Cravendale 250mlThe Arla Cravendale 250ml sits in the soft drinks fridge at the front of the store where fizzy drinks and juices dominate, appealing to an audience who don’t usually drink milk on the go.

With conversations ongoing with other major retailers, Arla Foods said it hoped to offer many more consumers the opportunity to enjoy Arla Cravendale in the smaller format as well.

‘Part of healthy diet’

Arla Foods category director Stuart Ibberson said he was pleased how retailers had responded to the new product and hoped it would be stocked more widely in the coming months.

“Milk is widely recognised as an important part of a healthy and balanced diet, so coming up with a convenient way for people to drink fresh milk is incredibly important.

“The smaller format allows Arla Cravendale to be stocked in the chilled on-the-go section at the front of store, challenging soft drinks with this healthy alternative.”