22 September 1995

Milk yield record

A NEW world record milk yield of 27,000 litres has been set by 10-year old home-bred Friesian cow Acme Goldy 2, owned by Bryce Miller, Woodford Grange Farm, Islip, Kettering, Northants.

She achieved this in her seventh lactation in 337 days at 5.14% fat and 3.68% protein. Her dry matter intake was 35kg a day over the period, which was nearly 10kg more than her contemporaries.

"She is very efficient as she will eat solidly for three to four hours and then lie down and ruminate," says Mr Miller. As a result, her feed costs on production stand at 4.5p/litre, whereas her peers achieved 6p/litre.

Goldy, sired by Hully Mastermind, is a member of the 75-cow, 9000-litre Acme herd. The herd received a complete diet of maize and grass silage, caustic-treated wheat, soya, maize germ, fishmeal, protected fat and molasses with no parlour-fed concentrate.

Goldy has passed on her ability to daughter Acme Dexter Goldy, who has clocked by 17,544 litres in 266 days in her third lactation.