4 August 1995


THE Sussex group had arranged to meet at Royal Horticultural Societys gardens at Wisley, Surrey, on what turned out to be a stifling hot day. Unfortunately, it was one of those days when the M25 was at a standstill, and having taken the scenic route, I arrived late.

Never mind, I thought, Im bound to bump into some of the members while wandering around the magnificent gardens. Sure enough I overheard someone saying something about FWC, so introduced myself to Ruth Copithorne and Diana Bird, who was there with her daughter Joanna Spencer and grandchildren Libby and Thomas.

We had a wonderful afternoon exploring the the gardens – the job I would have liked was the one tending the water lilies. There were two girls wading in the water up to their waists – it looked so cool!

While taking a rest in the rose garden, which was a mass of colour and fragrances, we noticed how beautiful the sweet chestnuts in the distance were looking with their flowers in full bloom. The herbaceous borders are tremendous, so much hard work must go into creating such a marvellous display; I am not even going to mention how much work needs doing in my own garden, as previous comments about the "edges" caused much amusement to my neighbours!

Where any of the other members got to at Wisley is a bit of a mystery. Im so sorry to have missed them, but it was one of those outings that had not been advertised in farmers weekly, so maybe there was confusion over the time to meet. Contact leaders have such a hard job sometimes trying to co-ordinate between the members who live at different sides of the counties, and Sussex covers a very large area, even the county councils are east and west!

Jean Howells