12 May 1995

Mixer wagon discounts

KEENAN, the Irish-based machinery firm which claims to have an 80% share of the UK feed mixer wagon market, is launching a feed discount scheme for its customers.

It is the latest add-on to the free nutritional advisory services available from its new international headquarters at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, Warks.

Announcing details of the new scheme for sourcing raw materials at discount prices for total mixed rations (TMR) for dairy and beef cattle, managing director, Gerard Keenan, forecast that savings of over £50 a cow for the average dairy farmer using one of his firms mixer wagons.

"We now have almost 5000 customers with well in excess of one million cows being fed with Keenan machines all over the world, and that represents a very large force of farmer power," said Mr Keenan.

"So, from our new TMR Centre we are now developing a system that allows us to source Keenan technically approved products, and make these available to our customers at discounted prices."

"Our involvement in this will not be to procure feedstuffs and sell them to our customers, but to simply act as a sourcer."

"The materials will be bought directly by farmers from the suppliers, and we will make no money from the feeds," explained Keenans director of nutrition, Hugh Kerr.

He said that Keenan has already negotiated a 35% discount for an established yeast product for use in TMRs, and that similar discounts are also becoming available for blends and minerals.

"Our initial intention is to source smart feed products, and other raw materials that will enhance Keenan feeding systems. These will include straights, blends, concentrates of all types, and compounds.