23 October 1998

MLCplugs non-British meat

RED faces for the Meat and Livestock Commission this week after it was forced to admit that a British company promoted foreign meat on the MLC stand at the SIAL 98 food fair in Paris.

An MLC spokesman said that one of the companies which booked space on the stand caused consternation amongst MLC officials by continuing to give prominence to foreign meat, despite being asked on two occasions to remove the products.

But the spokesman added that the MLC had been in a difficult position because, while the trading companies handled foreign meat, they were also needed to help boost the British export trade.

The MLC has now pledged to re-examine eligibility rules governing the booking of stand space at such events to ensure the same embarrassment is never repeated.

"At all future events we will have enforceable stipulations relating to display and promotion," said the spokesman.