9 February 1996

MOET is top index herd

HIGHEST indexing herd in the UK ranked on ITEM by the Animal Data Centre is Genuss Northumbria-based MOET herd with an average PTA95 of 680kg milk, 19.9kg fat, 19.6kg protein, £71 PIN and £72 ITEM.

In second place is the Spiby Partners Olympian herd at £71 ITEM, Chadwick and Son (Kynarton) at 58, Alton at 56, and Padfield at 55.

Assuming a herd size of 100 cows, these top herds earn an extra margin of £9000 to £14,000 a year compared with herds with an average ITEM of zero.

The ADC has also produced top 1%, 5% and 10% standards for herds (see table) so producers can gauge how they fare genetically on a national basis.

The herd standards will be sent to all milk recording producers alongside herd genetic reports listing PTAs, PIN and ITEM by lactation group.

Holstein herd genetic standards*








*UK PTA95 equivalents