20 October 1995

Moist feed aplenty now

SEVERAL thousand tonnes extra a month of a high energy high protein succulent feed has been made available after what could be one of the largest ever UK moist feed deals.

The deal, struck by distillers William Grant and Sons and KW Alternative Feeds, will release wheat distillers grain sold as KW Vitagold. It is a 35% dry matter, 14.5 ME, 34% protein, and 11% fibre feed.

Priced at about £40 to £46 a tonne delivered farm depending on load size and location, the alternative feed and is said to be suitable for feeding at 5kg to 15kg a head a day to dairy cows and beef cattle in a wide variety of diets.

Cost a tonne dry matter averages £123, comparing well with maize gluten at £122, says KW. Energy costs at 0.85p a MJ and £3.62 for each per cent of protein betters maize gluten which costs 0.94p/MJ and £6.10 a percent protein, it claims.

Because of its high nutrient value, he advises the product is stored in a clamp, well compacted and covered with a weighted sheet. KW says Vitagold can be incorporated into most feed regimes and feeds well with straw for beef and dairy cattle. Details (0800-243470).