7 July 1995

Moisture meter results

CEREAL growers with inaccurate moisture meters could see their profits going up in flames this summer, warns David Hopkin of Sinar Technology.

The company has completed about one third of the 38 moisture clinics it is doing around the country, testing more than 300 meters, and Mr Hopkin reported a typical error of 0.8% compared with a Central Science Laboratory standard.

"We have not come across the 3% and 4% inaccuracies we got last year, probably because there are fewer older machines around," he said. "But there have been extremes of plus or minus 2%.

"Many farmers aim to dry to about 14%, but if this is really 12% they are losing an awful lot of weight and money."

Mr Hopkin estimates this sort of error on 2000t of wheat could result in an £8000 loss of revenue if the contract only requires 15% moisture content.