3 November 1995

Molasses adds profit – claim

MOLASSES and a well balanced blend of undegradable protein fed to housed, silage-fed finishing beef cattle can boost slaughter weights by over 23kg a head and increase sale price by almost £30 a head, claims feed specialist Rumenco.

It cites results of a trial carried out by ADAS Rosemaund beef specialist Dennis Chapple.

Cattle were split into three groups where the base ration included ad lib grass silage at 32% dry matter, 3.8pH, 17.5% protein and 11.2ME. The first group was fed barley, but in the second group the barley was replaced with 2.5kg of molasses and in the third group with 2kg of molasses and 0.5kg of Supercharge Beef. The barley- and molasses-fed cattle received 50g of Rumins minerals. All cattle received Avotan.

"By replacing 2kg of barley with 2.5kg of molasses there was an increase in slaughter weights of 17kg a head," says Mr Chapple.

"But when 0.5kg of Super-charge Beef was fed alongside the molasses slaughter weights imp-roved by well over 23kg a head." &#42